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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wednesday Warning

I have decided to do a Wednesday Warning post every (obviously) Wednesday. This week I am going to be featuring one app that I loathe. As a parent, you may be yelling in your mind as you read this 'SNAPCHAT'! Yes, Snapchat is it.

Snapchat has created many problems for parents and teens alike. Maybe you use it, but it is to monitor your children's usage, or for your own personal fun, but you are an adult, so it is not the same as a teen using it. Did you know, that with the direct messages, after it has been viewed 2x it is deleted from the app? It can be deleted in as little as 10 seconds! Your kids could be sending anything and you would never know,

Did you know you can recover those photos? Here is an article by Gazette Review on how you can do that.

Monday, July 31, 2017

YouTube and Slime, Oh My

Let's get real here for a moment, who has slime blown up all over their houses? Where the heck did this craze come from? Probably some science lesson and all science teachers decided to follow suit, not realizing that parents all over were going to go broke all in the name of  SLIME! UGH! 

Seriously, it is now stuck in my rug, on my couch, I have found some in the washer. WHAT... THE... HELL!? Fluffy slime, clear slime, crunchy slime, floam slime, glitter slime, pink, purple, green, orange, scented, unicorn (Have you ever seen all the colors finally mixed? It looks like poop!). Anyway, you get my point. Oh I even saw a YouTube video of a girl making rice slime... I have a problem with that one. You add water... and make rice? Rice slime? Gross! 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

I Need Your Help... + A Blog on Bullying

I have blogged in the past, I have sat down and wrote little things here and there, but one thing I have NEVER done is keep up with it. I have been awful about blogging in the past. This time around I am planning, working out the fine details and also asking for your help! I currently am working on a list of things to blog about. My focus is on teens, but can range from anything in my daily life such as arts and crafts, crazy stories and dealing with teen life.

 My list is as such:

Friday, July 21, 2017

School Sweet School (How to Get Rid of Your Kids During the Summer)

Where are you when I NEED you! Yes, I NEED you! You are the glue that holds my sanity in place. 

More than likely the only reason I am able to even type this is because my house is quiet! Quiet you ask? Wait, what? How?

Well to answer to this question is, find your kids new homes, seriously. This is the end of the summer and what are moms everywhere doing? They are doing THIS!