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Friday, July 21, 2017

School Sweet School (How to Get Rid of Your Kids During the Summer)

Where are you when I NEED you! Yes, I NEED you! You are the glue that holds my sanity in place. 

More than likely the only reason I am able to even type this is because my house is quiet! Quiet you ask? Wait, what? How?

Well to answer to this question is, find your kids new homes, seriously. This is the end of the summer and what are moms everywhere doing? They are doing THIS!

Yes, I know, because I WAS doing it too! Until M2 got invited to go to Texas with a friend. Oh boy, only 2 children in the house I thought to myself. Then, of course M1 had a hissy. He gets to go everywhere and do everything! Honestly, it is the truth. M2's best friend lives down the road. I have not seen him in days.

 M1's best friends grandpa lives down the road, so she only sees her every once in a while. Now mind you, M1 is not very social, and she gets a long with others who are much more mature.  Sooo... I called up my friend (who has a pool).

The conversation went like this:
  • Me: "Want to adopt a kid for a few days?"  
  • Friend: "Can you bring me a pack of smokes?" 

True story on how I got rid of M1 for the weekend.

Now on to M3, there is a long and complicated story behind M3's parentage, lets just say we co-parent, and are very good at doing so. My ex has her for a while, then her grandparents then me. We all get a long for the sake of M3. For today, she is with the ex. Makes things a little easier when I need a break from the insanity. 

So while you are waiting on school to start and before you go bald from yanking your hair, or horse from screaming like an idiot who really should reside in an insane asylum (because we all know it is just the break we need!)...


Oh, and while you are at it, those little money sucking monsters need school supplies.

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