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Monday, July 31, 2017

YouTube and Slime, Oh My

Let's get real here for a moment, who has slime blown up all over their houses? Where the heck did this craze come from? Probably some science lesson and all science teachers decided to follow suit, not realizing that parents all over were going to go broke all in the name of  SLIME! UGH! 

Seriously, it is now stuck in my rug, on my couch, I have found some in the washer. WHAT... THE... HELL!? Fluffy slime, clear slime, crunchy slime, floam slime, glitter slime, pink, purple, green, orange, scented, unicorn (Have you ever seen all the colors finally mixed? It looks like poop!). Anyway, you get my point. Oh I even saw a YouTube video of a girl making rice slime... I have a problem with that one. You add water... and make rice? Rice slime? Gross! 

These YouTube videos of kids playing with slime are on my TV 24/7! Making popping, slurping, farting noises. My kids love it! 

Monster 1 (See my About page) is in love with making slime, almost 6 months and there is no sign of slowing down. We started shooting videos and she is a hoot! I may just be partial, but I don't think so. Monster 2 who always has something critical to say about his sister laughed so hard when he saw it. He started talking analytics, how to get followers and swears she is going to be a sensation. For him to say that, must mean she is great. Right? 

Hers is scented. She did a lot of research and had a lot of trials and errors. In the end it has come out pretty dang great... I even like to play with it. *smacks hand and puts myself in the corner*. 

So, what are the Pros and Cons?
  1. It keeps the kids entertained.
  2. ...
  3. ...
  4. ...
  5. You get the point.

  1. Your kitchen will be blown up with all kinds of ingredients that are not edible.
  2. It may land in your wash.
  3. It may get on your couch.
  4. It may get stuck in the rug.
  5. It may get dropped in the car.
  6. God forbid it ever gets stuck in your child's long hair...

I will leave you with this thought; If you love your children; You will let them watch gross slime videos, and blow up your kitchen, and destroy your house... well you don't have to let them, you can always find much cleaner projects, but let me tell you, they will always find a way back to slime. It is like a ghost, it will show up when you least expect it.

Now that you know all about slime (I am sure if you have kids in 5th grade or higher you already know all about it.) Go waste some more money on this crap that is going to get all over your house! Seriously, I am telling you, your kids need more!

(Yes, this is my affiliate link. Buy some, so I can make money to pay for my slime addicts!)

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