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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wednesday Warning

I have decided to do a Wednesday Warning post every (obviously) Wednesday. This week I am going to be featuring one app that I loathe. As a parent, you may be yelling in your mind as you read this 'SNAPCHAT'! Yes, Snapchat is it.

Snapchat has created many problems for parents and teens alike. Maybe you use it, but it is to monitor your children's usage, or for your own personal fun, but you are an adult, so it is not the same as a teen using it. Did you know, that with the direct messages, after it has been viewed 2x it is deleted from the app? It can be deleted in as little as 10 seconds! Your kids could be sending anything and you would never know,

Did you know you can recover those photos? Here is an article by Gazette Review on how you can do that.

Do you know that Snapchat now has a SnapMap? It maps exactly where you are and shows it to the other users... All I have to say to that is... WHATTT!?! Seriously, these developers are going too far. You can have your child turn it off, but what is to say that they will not turn it right back on when they are away from you? Think of all the tings that could go wrong with this map.

Here is one instance where a teacher, yes, a TEACHER, sent sexual videos and photos to boys in her class via Snapchat! The mother just so happened to be monitoring her boys phone.

This is the fear every parent has. I can not imagine the feelings of the father. Please take a moment and read the full story. This girl suffered, her friends suffered, and her family suffered.

I have yet to get this, but my two oldest will be getting one ASAP! Click the photos to get the full details, but it is a GPS enabled watch/2g phone with text and talk. It hooks up to an app on your phone so you can see what is going on at all times. I will do a review later once I have purchased them.

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